We know kids. We know Yoga.
Music naturally embraces the two.

Our founder’s background in child development, education and yoga has led her to develop this kids’ yoga program that meets the needs of kids, families, classrooms and clinical settings in thoroughly unique ways.

Award-winning Sing Song Yoga® is an international kids’ musical yoga program in which song lyrics instruct children how to get into the poses. The music holds the children’s attention for longer periods of time allowing the kids to more thoroughly enjoy the natural benefits of yoga.

Check out our kids’ yoga app, kids’ yoga DVDkids’ yoga school program as well as our SSY Teacher Training and professional development workshops.

Some Benefits of Kids’ Yoga

  • builds coordination, balance, and skill level
  • reduces stress, relieves anxiety
  • helps calm children for bedtime
  • can use excessive energy productively
  • can help children gain self-confidence
  • strengthens, stretches and tones the body
  • can physically refocus sibling rivalry

and for school…

  • provide purposeful brain breaks
  • help prepare students for tests
  • help refocus students between lessons
  • reenergize groggy students
  • can help improve focus and concentration