Yoga in Schools: Kids and Teachers Talk Kids Yoga

What’s being said about the Sing Song Yoga® App

“I have really enjoyed our yoga and literacy PD with Deb this year! She is extremely knowledgeable about the needs of students and has specific, effective methods of helping us address those needs. The yoga posses and strategies for implementation will make a real impact on our students’ abilities to focus and be ready to learn. I’m grateful for the time we were able to spend with her this year!”

— Pam O’Brien
YK-5 Technology Teacher, West Ottawa Public Schools, Michigan

“I appreciated the connections of incorporating movement to improve the brain activity [within the Yoga and Literacy PD]. I don’t think we’ve ever had a presenter that had so much experience in two totally different fields. That’s what made it work!”

— Elementary Teacher
West Ottawa Public Schools, Michigan

Integrating Yoga and Literacy PD

Improve Literacy by Integrating Movement into the Curriculum You’re Already Using

“The [Yoga and Literacy] training taught us multiple, effective ways to move our students to enhance their learning. It was fun to learn the yoga poses and simple enough to take bits and pieces to start teaching right away. Our students need to move more and they will love this!”

— Taraynn Nienhuis
PE Teacher, Georgetown El, Hudsonville MI

“I’ve always wanted to include yoga in my classroom, and this Sing Song Yoga and Literacy training gave me tons of practical ideas and resources for bringing yoga to my kindergartners. I can’t wait to download the app and start implementing this program!”

— Allix Hutchison
Kindergarten Teacher, Georgetown Elem, Hudsonville, MI

“We LOVE Sing Song Yoga!! It’s so helpful to be able to choose the poses… This has been such a blessing to find such a good fit for my class! Every morning I start my day with half of my class in my room doing [Sing Song Yoga] while the other half of my class completes sensory motor activities in the sensory room. After 20 minutes we switch the groups so everyone gets both sensory and yoga. It’s amazing how well is starts the day for the students by centering them and slowing their bodies down before our reading groups (our most “intense” academic time of the day).”

— Anna Childress
Special Education Teacher, Hudsonville, Michigan

I watched your video with Jilliann (and Miles crawling on me) and it was so much fun. She wanted to show me every move and tried everything. She would look up at the screen no matter what pose she was in! What an enjoyable thing to do yoga with your child. Thank you.

—Adriann D.
Holland, MI

Callie finds Sing Song Yoga to be fun, challenging and relaxing. We enjoy the mix of musical lyrics. It’s fun, enjoyable, relaxing, entertaining and stimulating! It’s been designed with the special needs child in mind. Callie has gained independence, enjoyment, strength, determination, confidence, accomplishment, success and encouragement.

—Tabatha R.
Grandville, MI

I am a kindergarten teacher and I have been doing [the Sing Song Yoga DVD] in my classroom and my kids love it. They often ask “are we going to do the poses today?”

—Karen W.
Zeeland, MI

Sing Song Yoga is a fun way to introduce children to yoga. It’s very approachable. The combination of songs and yoga is very helpful for my daughters to learn and remember the poses. They enjoy the feeling of skill and mastery–and they enjoy the good physical stretches of the poses.

—Melissa L.
Grand Rapids, MI

I use the Sing Song Yoga DVD regularly in my special education classroom (moderately cognitively impaired students) as part of my exercise/movement time. They love it and I love it! So do my girls at home!

—Tanya B.
Hamilton, MI

The songs are great! The tunes are very catchy, making the poses easy to remember! I even hear Miles humming the tunes! Since starting Sing Song Yoga he’s gained confidence, coordination, patience and more respect for others’ personal space!

—Jill N.
Grand Rapids, MI

My 2 1/2 year old daughter loooooves our dvd. Thanks so much!

—Chrystal S.
Richmond, VA

I think Sing Song Yoga is great for kids. My daughter loves to sing and “pose.” The combination of songs and yoga helps her remember the poses.

—Lori B.
Zeeland, MI

Sing Song Yoga is great. I really enjoy seeing Layla be able to learn while singing. It makes it much easier for her to remember and enjoy. The tunes get stuck in your head and you can’t help but be in a good mood!! I think it’s a great program. A very good way to help teach children about the importance of a healthy body and a healthy mind!!

—Andrea H.
Grand Haven, MI

Using the songs together with the yoga is very helpful in keeping the children’s attention. The kids begin to remember the songs.

—Mark W.
Zeeland, MI

I just wanted to thank you for the DVD. The twins loved it! They enjoyed it so much, they watched it again. The DVD really kept their interest and they even changed into yoga gear (pj’s). I asked them what they liked about the DVD, they said it was fun, like the stretching and the exercise. Thank you again for creating such a wonderful tool!!

—Keiffer S.
Holland, MI

My daughter loves moving her body into different positions and singing along with the movement. Sing Song Yoga is a means to get children moving physically but also using their creative juices at the same time! The combination of songs and yoga allows many different children to find something they identify with. My daughter has gained confidence in her abilities to move her body and feels that she is “good” at it!

—Kathy N.
Zeeland, MI