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Though we’ve been thrilled about McFall Elementary adopting Sing Song Yoga for kids school-wide 4 years ago, I had not yet met or even connected with any of the teachers. So to meet Jasmine Koster, a kindergarten teacher at McFall, and find that she and her students were truly finding such rich purpose in using our kids’ yoga program in the classroom, was not only affirming for my business, but heart-warming personally as well.

Below is the interview on Fox 17, during which Jasmine talks about using our kids yoga program in her classroom and throughout her school. She discusses the benefits she sees with her students as well as the overall effects on her classroom environment. The dialog from the video is also transcribed below.

So the interview went roughly like this…

Leigh Ann Towne, Host of Fox 17 Morning Mix: How did you come up with Sing Song Yoga for kids?

Deb Weiss-Gelmi, Sing Song Yoga founder: When my daughter was preschool age I was looking for a local [kids’] yoga class or a DVD and found neither at that time. So as a school teacher who used music in the classroom and as a yoga sing song yoga for kidsinstructor this idea came to me.

Leigh Ann: So explain to people what Sing Song Yoga is.

Deb: Sing Song Yoga is a kids’ musical yoga program in which song lyrics instruct children how to get into the poses. Educational researchers find that music, movement and fun together naturally increase the positive chemicals in the brain that help with memory, with the ability to pay attention and with new learning. In other words, children respond really well to music which makes learning yoga or anything easier, more effective and more fun.

Leigh Ann: How can viewers find out more about [Sing Song Yoga for kids]?

Deb: We have local classes, a DVD, a book about yoga in the classroom and an App. The app is completely customizable. You can choose poses and create your own yoga sequence. Or you can choose from one of 39 preprogrammed sequences each with an end in mind. If you have a child at home who has a difficult time going to sleep – we have a bedtime sequence. If you have a child who does sports there’s an athlete’s sequence. If you’re a teacher you could choose one of the brain break sequences or test prep sequence. These are just some of the examples but we have 39 different possibilities and as I mentioned you can also create name and save your own yoga program. And we have a  unique feature inspired by a parent of a child with physical limitations. She kept having to pause our DVD for extra time to transition between the poses. So with our app you could have a transition as quick as 1 second for the young energetic users or as long as 30 seconds for those who need a bit more time.

Leigh Ann (to Jasmine): Now you are a teacher right now. Where do you teach?

Jasmine Koster: I’m a kindergarten teacher at McFall Elementary in Thornapple
Kellogg School District.Sing Song Yoga for kids

Leigh Ann: How did you discover Sing Song Yoga for kids and how do you incorporate it into your classroom?

Jasmine: I started Sing Song Yoga about 4 years ago. It’s been a great way for me to combine my two passions which are also yoga and teaching young children. I love to use yoga in our classroom to create a sense of calm. I feel that any amount of time we put into a yoga session is definitely gained back in our classroom work. My students are always refocused, their concentration improves, we have a sense of calmness in our classroom. And so it’s not only been a way to sharpen ourselves physically but also mentally as well.

Leigh Ann: How many times a week do you incorporate it?

Jasmine: I try to use it once or twice a week and incorporate it into our lesson plans. And the majority of our school teachers in our building also try that as well. So it’s been something we’ve all enjoyed incorporating and making fit into our very busy schedule.

Leigh Ann: What’s the reaction been like for the kids?

Jasmine: My kids love to do Sing Song Yoga. They request it. They are actively engage while participating and the greatest thing I love about it is that they encourage each other while we’re doing it. So they’s also establishing a wonderful emotional connection with each other as well.

Leigh Ann: How might teachers get their hands on Sing Song Yoga?

Deb: The app is very user-friendly so a teacher could download the free version of the app and give it a shot today! It’s airplay enabled and can easily be projected onto big screens in the classroom. We have a book: Using Sing Song Yoga in the Classroom, which includes a DVD and 19 lessons. We also offer a professional development to assist teachers and schools in getting the most out of the app, how to squeeze yoga into the busy school day (which is always a challenge) as well as information on the benefits of yoga for kids.

Leigh Ann (to Jasmine): Now this isn’t taking the place of recess is it? You’re still allowing them to wind up and then wind them back down, right?

Jasmine: No. I actually like to use it as a transition from one lesson to the next to reestablish their self-awareness. So it’s been a great tool in our classroom.

Leigh Ann: For more information head to, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter, @singsongyoga. And there are 5 free Sing Song Yoga classes at the Grand Rapids Public Library on July 19 and 20?

Deb: Correct. As part of their summer reading series. You can also find us at the Yoga Studio in Grand Rapids, and through Zeeland Recreation.

Thank you sincerely to Executive Producer, Fox 17 Morning Mix, Andrea Shaner and host of Morning Mix, Leigh Ann Towne for featuring Sing Song Yoga for kids on your show! And thank you to Jasmine Koster for joining me in sharing our mutual passion, respect and appreciation of yoga for kids! I truly appreciate such a rewarding experience!

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