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Can a Tablet Actually Get Kids Moving?

Tablets are typically a source of screen time for kids.  During screen time the child is still, the eyes hold a fixed gaze, and the image on the screen is moving.  So as a teacher and a mom, I’m thrilled to encourage your kids to use the Sing Song Yoga® kids yoga app to transform their screen time into some “music and movement” time.

This whiteboard animation and jingle are a fun way to say the same thing…

When kids move, play and sing they use their brains well.
Building their brains is naturally fun.
Paving the brain roads and making connections
A well-developed brain makes learning easy and fun!

But too often now kids sit with one of these.
Which at times can be a bit of a concern.
So let’s use tablets to get kids moving
So we can see the benefits of moving return

Experts find that yoga helps kids
With focus, awareness, coordination and more.
A kids’ yoga studio on your TV
Find the Sing Song Yoga® App in the App Store.

So have fun encouraging your kids to use their tablets to keep moving!  And thanks in advance for sharing this post!

The Sing Song Yoga® App is available in the Apple App Store and is explained in detail in this former blog post.

For more information about our program check out



Sing Song Yoga Kids Yoga App video animation

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Sing Song Yoga Kids Yoga App – Teacher Testimonial

Thank you Kathy for sharing your experiences with using the Sing Song Yoga Kids Yoga App with your students! We so appreciate you taking time out of your busy life to do so!

Click on the video below to hear what Kathy has to say about her experiences:

“I’m a reading specialist in an elementary school. I service developing readers grades K-5th. I started using the Sing Song Yoga app this year as a way to transition my students from their regular classroom into the more intense instruction that I give them. For the first few minutes of our thirty minutes together we [do one of the poses]. The students are completely relaxed and very quiet. Then we go into our instruction and I can tell as a result of the Sing Song Yoga that they are much focused and calm and centered. My students enjoy it so much that when we walk… to my classroom… they ask me… what pose are we going to do today? I highly recommend the Sing Song Yoga [Kids Yoga] App to any age elementary student”

Thanks again Kathy!



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Top 6 Yoga Poses for Toddlers

Recently my 17-month old said “mo doda” which means more dog.  So I looked outside and informed him that the neighbor’s dog had gone inside.  He loves watching their dog.  But he continued to repeat “mo doda, mo doda” while continuing to do the sign language for more.  I finally realized he wanted me to sing our Sing Song Yoga song for Downward Dog!!  So I started to sing it.  He was elated and joyfully got into the pose.  My heart melted!

A few months ago a parent asked me how she could best do yoga with her one-year-old daughter.  After thinking about it I realized that I could simply share with her what I do.  When my twin toddlers are playing and it seems like a good time, I get down on the floor with them, sing a song for a pose and do the pose.  Some days they are more into it than others but they love it!

Of course, I already know the Sing Song Yoga songs, but for other parents I recommended this.  Learn one of our songs and how to do the pose by watching the Sing Song Yoga DVD or your chosen pose on the Sing Song Yoga App.  Then, once you’ve learned a song or two and your child is playing and seems open to it, get down on the floor with them and begin singing and doing the pose.  Your child might not do the pose right away but it shouldn’t take too long before they catch on.  Also, whenever you see your child in what looks like that pose, begin singing the song and do the pose right next to them.  Soon you will have a little one who pops in and out of yoga poses all day long!  It is such a blast when they do their first yoga pose on purpose!  And so heart warming to witness them continue to love it!

To start doing yoga today with your toddler I recommend the following six poses.  Remember – take this very lightly and simply have fun.  Your toddlers might join in right away, but if they do not they are learning nonetheless and will move forward in their own time.  So give it a try and I’d love to hear about your experiences on our facebook page!

dog Downward Dog







dead bug

Dead Bug

L pose

L Pose


Savasana 🙂

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Kids’ Yoga App Debuts in App Store

The first of its kind, the Sing Song Yoga® App for kids goes live today in the  Apple App Store.  The iOS app, based off our popular DVD program by the same name, takes the yoga video concept to the next level.  Instead of playing the same sequences repeatedly, the Sing Song Yoga App allows the user to choose individual poses, virtually creating a new yoga video each time.

Sing Song Yoga is a kids’ musical yoga program in which song lyrics instruct children how to get into the poses.  The App features the beautifully produced, full HD video of the DVD yet is perfectly customizable. There are two avenues to take within the app.  The user can either choose one of 39 preprogrammed SSY Sequences or allows parents, along with their kids, to choose individual poses by simply dragging and dropping poses into the Sequence Canvas to play as a seamless video.


In the above screen shot of the app, the arrows show the standing poses tab, the color coding of the poses (red for energizing, blue for cooling, and yellow for neutral) and dragging the poses to the Sequence Canvas.



These pics above show the SSY Sequences tab, from which the user drags one of the preprogrammed SSY Sequences to the Sequence Canvas and the poses fill in.  From the Canvas you can customize further, by adding, deleting or moving poses around and change the speed of the transition.


Once the poses are set perfectly for your use, push play and enjoy your customized kids’ yoga video.


Save your custom sequences with personalized names for later use.


Transform your TV into a virtual yoga studio.  The Sing Song Yoga app is AirPlay enabled for use with Apple TV and is compatible with HDMI adapters for mirroring on TV’s and projectors.

Check out the other features within this free app, which includes one SSY Sequence and six poses.  This allows families and schools to play with it and see that it’s a good fit for them.  Additional poses and sequence are available as in-app purchases starting at $0.99 and $3.99 respectively.  And Sequence Packages start at $14.99 unlocking all the poses and 16 SSY Sequences.

The Sing Song Yoga® App is compatible on any iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad Mini that support iOS 6.0 and above.

We would love to hear your feedback on the app on our facebook page or below!


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Kids’ Yoga Helps With Body Awareness

I love witnessing my one-year-old twins discovering something brand new.  The other day I watched one of them pick up a small ball with one hand, hold it in the air, open his hand and joyfully watch the ball roll off the edge of his hand and fall to the floor – only to pick it up and do it a dozen more times.

Like my son, when something is new to us we pay attention to the most minute details.  We take in the information and time can sometimes seem to slow.  On the other hand, when we are doing something we have done an endless number of times, like robots we complete the task and often think to ourselves, “Wow I don’t even remember driving home,”  for instance.

As adults do, children often speed through their experiences, moving from one task to the next, paying no attention to what their bodies are doing – where their bodies end and another’s begins.

Kids’ yoga can replicate the mindfulness or attention necessary to complete a brand new task, which stimulates the brain in a positive way for learning.  Due to the focus needed to get into each pose, it can help children slow down to notice what they would not typically notice.  For instance, in “Dead Bug Pose,” a child might think, “now if I hold my foot on the side I can get the bottom of my foot more flat like I’m walking on the ceiling like a real bug.  If I pull my knees toward my armpits I feel more of a stretch in my back.”  This mindfulness can help them become more aware of their bodies on and off the mat.  Children can then better relate with the world around them and more thoroughly be present and more aware of their experiences.  And in turn, they may be more aware of the results of each of their decisions.  Just another one of the kids’ yoga benefits that we love!

For more information about kids’ yoga benefits check out this kids’ yoga DVD. Sing Song Yoga® includes the added benefits of music for your child’s brain!

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