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Yoga on the Brain: How Doing Yoga Changes Your Child’s Brain

Kids yoga is like kale for the brain—extremely healthy. From emotional regulation to social intelligence, kids yoga classes offer plenty of opportunities to build positive synaptic connections. Below, we explore three ways that kids yoga classes benefit the brain. (more…)

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Children’s Research Institute Yoga Study

Children’s Research Institute, Milwaukee, researcher Keri Hainsworth, PhD, is studying yoga as a possible treatment for kids with headache pain. Although studies have been done on adults, this is one of the first to look at yoga and kids. She is following patients through an eight-week study to see if practicing yoga can help reduce stress and lessen the severity and frequency of headaches in kids.

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Scientific Studies that Support Kids Yoga

These 3 Studies Show how Yoga Improves Stress Management, Spatial Memory, and Body Control in Children

Scientific research has proven that … no matter how healthy a
child’s body may be, it can always benefit from yoga practice. (more…)

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