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Five Calming Holiday Poses Made Easy with Kids Yoga App

Last year, before our Sing Song Yoga App was available, I wrote a blog post about some great calming kids’ yoga poses for the Holidays, using poses from our DVD.  Now our SSY App makes it easy to line up the poses, save, and push play to enjoy the sequence as its own little video.  There are inevitably times during the holidays when life can be a bit stressful for our kids. So having this little tool in your pocket can be quite helpful in guiding your children back to feeling peaceful.

This quick video demonstrates using the Sing Song Yoga App to create this calming sequence.

Links for more info:

Our website, DVD, App, holiday blog post, App blog post

And a fun animation about why yoga can be a great thing for your kids 🙂



Holiday Sequene App Demo Pic

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