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Gift of Movement for Kids – Kids Yoga!

Here are some unique gift ideas for the kids in your life that will help keep them moving over the winter months — kids’ yoga is the gift that keeps on giving throughout the year!

Here’s a quick video of some ideas to gift Sing Song Yoga!  Happy Holidays!


Gift Idea Number One:

If the children in your life have access to an iPhone, iPad, iPad mini or an iPod Touch, you could put together this simple gift package:

gift card package 1


  • $25 iTunes Gift Card to attach to this printable Sing Song Yoga Gift Flyer which together allows your child to download the Sing Song Yoga App and own all poses and sequences
  • Yoga mat
  • could add in yoga clothing (comfortable t-shirt and pants)

Gift Idea Number Two:

  • Sing Song Yoga DVD (can order here)
  • Yoga mat
  • could add in yoga clothing (comfortable t-shirt and pants)

Gift Idea Number Three:

  • Sing Song Yoga DVD (can order here)
  • $25 iTunes Gift Card to attach to this printable Sing Song Yoga Gift Flyer which together allows your child to download the Sing Song Yoga App and own all poses and sequences
  • Yoga mat
  • Yoga clothing (comfortable t-shirt and pants)

Links mentioned in video:



Screen Shot video

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Can a Tablet Actually Get Kids Moving?

Tablets are typically a source of screen time for kids.  During screen time the child is still, the eyes hold a fixed gaze, and the image on the screen is moving.  So as a teacher and a mom, I’m thrilled to encourage your kids to use the Sing Song Yoga® kids yoga app to transform their screen time into some “music and movement” time.

This whiteboard animation and jingle are a fun way to say the same thing…

When kids move, play and sing they use their brains well.
Building their brains is naturally fun.
Paving the brain roads and making connections
A well-developed brain makes learning easy and fun!

But too often now kids sit with one of these.
Which at times can be a bit of a concern.
So let’s use tablets to get kids moving
So we can see the benefits of moving return

Experts find that yoga helps kids
With focus, awareness, coordination and more.
A kids’ yoga studio on your TV
Find the Sing Song Yoga® App in the App Store.

So have fun encouraging your kids to use their tablets to keep moving!  And thanks in advance for sharing this post!

The Sing Song Yoga® App is available in the Apple App Store and is explained in detail in this former blog post.

For more information about our program check out



Sing Song Yoga Kids Yoga App video animation

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Am I Teaching My Daughter to Give Up?

This morning while dropping my daughter off for school, she asked me if she could have  a piece of chocolate from my purse.  I instinctively said “no.”  And she asked me why and informed me that she had eaten her breakfast.  I told her no again.  She again asked why.  I told her that I didn’t think it was a healthy way to start the day.  She asked again.  I mentioned that sometimes it would be nice if she would just accept my answer and say “okay mom.”  Then I said,  “You know baby, it’s a good thing in life to not give up on the things you want.  It’s just that it’s difficult sometimes as a parent.  So not taking no for an answer and not giving up will take you far in life.”  My daughter smiled and appreciated my honesty.  She’s used to me verbally making connections between immediate situations and life-long lessons. She then headed off to school with a gorgeous smile on her face after our daily good-bye rituals.

Lia and I started negotiating early in her life.  I consider it an important skill in life and one that instills empowerment.  If I tell her she can have 10 minutes of screen time (future post), she says how about 20, I’ll say 11, she’ll come back with 19, and so on until we settle on 15.  This gives her a sense of power in her life, works her math brain, and teaches her to not just accept blindly what others tell her.  If she follows blindly early in life, this could translate to following blindly as a teenager.  And parents know adolescence is not a time they want their kids following others blindly.

My ultimate goal in parenting is to guide my kids through childhood and adolescence to become the adults we each wish to be.  As a parent I have to slow down at times and listen to my inner voice to search for the best decision for the long run of my child’s life instead of only meeting an immediate need.  Honest discussion can help meet both the needs of now and the future.  I try to ask myself which lesson do I want to teach my child with this current issue.  What will this issue teach her about who she is and what she can do in this life?  This isn’t at all about the chocolate early in the morning, it’s about her every day drive to do what is best for herself.  It’s about learning and knowing each day that she is the driver, she’s the one who ultimately makes the decisions in her life that matter.  I can only guide.  I can only be a mirror for her to see her strengths and to allow her to see her own magnificent power: to be whomever she chooses to be, to do whatever she chooses to do and to experience whatever she chooses to experience – in each and every moment of her life.  As a child she has serious limits placed upon her daily, but my job is to be a subtle voice in her head that always reminds her that life is meant to be joyful and that she can be, do, or have anything she chooses!  My hope is to be a mirror that encourages her to be filled with joy and gratitude, go with the flow, leave worry on the banks of the river, follow her passions, love deeply and laugh often!

My learning this morning translates well to yoga for kids as well as other activities. It is clear to us that we don’t want our kids to give up while attempting yoga poses or trying to make that next basket, or scoring the next goal in soccer.  We want our kids to learn from challenges and move forward to reach their potential in our homes and out in the world!

Chocolate is not only one of my favorite treats, but it reminded me this morning of what an extraordinary daughter I have the honor of parenting and from whom I continue to learn heaps!

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