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Yoga in Schools: Kids and Teachers Talk Kids Yoga.

A quick peek into what kids and teachers are saying about using the Sing Song Yoga app in the classroom. Kids yoga in schools explored… Highlights from the video clip:

Tell us about Sing Song Yoga®

What I would tell other kids about Sing Song Yoga is that you have to try it because it calms you before, if you do Daily Five in your classroom or writing. ~ first grader, MI

It all started with a simple challenge from our movement specialist in the district to say we’ve got to get our kids moving and that will increase the engagement. And I would say that Sing Song Yoga is our perfect answer to doing that.  ~ Kristi Zoerhof, First Grade Teacher, MI

  • “It keeps you strong and healthy and it really keeps you calm when you’re doing stuff.”
  • “I would tell other kids that Sing Song Yoga is really fun.”
  • “It is the funnest thing in the world.”
  • “It gets your body moving and it makes you exercise.”
  • “The app is my favorite because it is completely customizable. Whatever you have time to work with, whether its 5 minutes or 20, you can create yoga sequence videos for your kids to do. And it is actually a spot in our lesson plans that we have a spot for yoga.”
  • “It’s really really fun and it’s relaxing.”
  • “They love it. They look forward to it. They request it. And it is probably our most popular activity of the day.”
  • “They should do it ’cause it’s really really fun.”

How does Sing Song Yoga® make you feel?

  • “Sing Song Yoga makes me feel happy and calm.”
  • “We find that we are more focused and our work time is more productive.”
  • “I feel happy from yoga.”
  • “Sing Song makes me feel happy.”
  • “Sing Song Yoga makes me feel calm.”
  • “It’s calming.”
  • “I like crane pose because it makes me feel steady.”
  • “Sing Song Yoga makes me feel happy.”
  • “Sing Song Yoga makes me get happy and excited.”

What would you tell other teachers about Sing Song Yoga®?

  • “I’m really sure that if your children do it, it’s going to be fantastic.”
  • “Truly, every minute spent in Sing Song Yoga we have seen the rewards and the benefits in our classroom work. I would recommend it to every classroom teacher who wants to give their students a moment to have intentional movement breaks.”
  • “The songs are really cool.”
  • “You can see it on the iPad and you can see it on the screen.”
  • “Try Sing Song Yoga. You will not be disappointed.”
  • “I love Sing Song Yoga.”

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