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Kids Yoga App – Create Your Own Balancing Sequence

Last week we answered a great #ssykidquestion about Tips for Balancing in kids yoga poses. So, here is our follow up on how to build and save a balancing sequence within the Sing Song Yoga Kids Yoga App. The pics below make it easy cheesy for kids and their parents/teachers to create their own sequence!

balancing sequence Sing Song Yoga App

Go through the SSY App and find the balancing poses that you’d like to include in your sequence.  These can be found under the tabs entitled Standing Poses Sitting Poses, and Floor Poses.  When you find each pose, press, hold and drag it to the Sequence Canvas.  Notice the Total Sequence Time accumulating on the main screen to be sure it stays within your needed period of time.


save balancing sequence in Sing Song Yoga kids yoga app

Save your Balancing Sequence by pressing the SAVE button below the Sequence Canvas (on the bottom of the home screen).


saved balancing sequence within the Sing Song Yoga kids yoga app

Find your saved sequences behind the main screen by pressing the SAVED icon in the upper left corner of the screen.



Have fun balancing with your kids!

And here are those guidelines again to keep in mind when creating a kids yoga sequence.  Each pose is color coded within the app. The color at the top of each pose picture indicates the influence each pose has on the nervous system:

  • yellow = neutral
  • red = energizing    
  • blue = calming

It is most often recommended to order the poses in this way

  • neutral or energizing poses (beginning)
  • energizing poses (middle)
  • calming poses (ending… Savasana is most often the last pose).


Please send your kids’ yoga questions to Sing Song Yoga’s

Twitter or Facebook using #ssykidsquestions


Thank heaps!! We can’t wait to hear from you!





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