Gratitude Before the Storm

I could barely utter the word seizure ever since a decade ago when my 30-something-year-old brother had an unexpected seizure, never having had one before.  So recently when my 20-month-old little man had a febrile seizure it was scary to say the least.  A febrile seizure is one brought on by a fever in very young children and are typically benign.  It helped immensely that I was aware of this type of seizure and felt assured that he would be fine while going through the challenge.  Frightening but manageable.

My husband and I, over the week or so prior to the seizure, had been increasingly forgetting to stay in the moments of gratitude with our quite active twin toddlers.  We were tending to get wrapped up in the moments of chaos with things being knocked over, pulled down, dumped out, torn up and thrown over our deck.  The chasing, redirecting, reminding and repeating were dominating our thought process as well as our conversations.

Everett in sand

After the seizure that day we were more than grateful to see our little man coming around to being himself again.  We were thrilled to say “yep, our little dude is back to himself” when he chucked a stuffed animal across the room to initiate a game of catch.  I’d never been so grateful for the flinging of a toy!


As a whole we do strive to stay in the moments and enjoy this stage of life.  We do stop and simply take in the moments much of the time.  But often times we allow our mindfulness to dwindle, getting caught up in the busyness of life, until something forces us to remember to do so.

Not only is life precious, but it’s the tiny moments that make it so.  Striving to live in gratitude and fully experience these little moments, in the absence of a storm, is fully worth striving for!

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