Yoga Links & Other Resources

  • The Yoga Studio
    Located in Grand Rapids, they provided the wings to lift Sing Song Yoga® off the ground
  • SnapApps
    The brilliant app development company that built our Sing Song Yoga® App, working tirelessly, creatively, and diligently to help us offer this first-of-its-kind App to the world.
  • North Woods Yoga
    My Iyengar yoga teacher and mentor, located in Petoskey, who first planted the seeds for Sing Song Yoga®.
  • Taproot Pictures
    A creative and experienced Grand Rapids production company that produced and managed everything from A to Z with the DVD project as well as the video work within the App, giving their full attention, dedication and heart to each and every aspect of their projects.
  • Palacios Pictures
    Provided photos along with Taproot Pictures for the DVD posters, as well as many of the photos during the shoot day.
  • James Richard Fry
    Provided App promotional photos guiding us through a full-circled creative process. The owner’s meticulous work is infused with his big heart and grounded spirit.
  • Create My Tee
    Provided Sing Song Yoga® shirts for the kids in the shoot.
  • MCG Web Development, Inc.
    Designed and continues to develop our website, creatively using years of experience, expertise, and guidance to share our information within a well-developed clean format.