Your Child’s Brain on Sing Song Yoga®

Educational researchers are finding a link between music and movement, and success in school. One researcher, Shirley Handy discusses the 3 M’s: music, movement and merriment.

The 3 M’s naturally increase the positive neurotransmitters and peptides in the brain, which are associated with memory, with new learning, and with the ability to pay attention. When the 3 M’s are combined in one activity it is especially brain-friendly which gives children a head start to learning.

Sing Song Yoga® specifically incorporates the 3 M’s.

Other Yoga Benefits

Yoga has countless benefits. It helps children gain self-confidence while learning self-control and discipline. It increases blood flow to the brain, thereby enhancing mental functioning. It also strengthens and stretches the body, builds coordination and skill level, stimulates nerves and glands, and tones internal organs.

Supporting Research