Sing Song Yoga® with Nicole Yager

Sing Song Yoga® is a kids’ musical yoga program in which song lyrics instruct children how to get into the poses. Our founder’s background in child development, education and yoga has led her to develop this kids’ yoga program that meets the needs of kids, families and classrooms in thoroughly unique ways.

Nicole Yager

Sing Song Yoga® Teacher, Nicole Yager has been working with children for 13 years. She began as a dance instructor, teaching 2 to 14-year-olds, for 7 years. During that time she earned her associates in Early Childhood Education. She has been working as a Prekindergarten teacher for the past 6 years in public school and childcare settings. Nicole is currently teaching in a childcare, where she first learned of Sing Song Yoga® and appreciated how it brings a different dynamic of learning for children. It involves songs and physical activity which are two things children love the most, and so does Nicole. She loves to bring her music training to life with the different songs. Her energetic and loving nature is evident while getting to know all the children and making them feel comfortable in her classes.

Some Benefits of Kid’s Yoga

  • stress reduction, calming, relieve anxiety
  • can help children gain self-confidence
  • build coordination, balance, and skill level
  • strengthen, stretches and tones the body

Contact Nicole:

Nicole Yager
Sing Song Yoga® Teacher (SSYT)
724 Byrne Industrial Dr
Rockford, MI 49341
Ph: (616) 866-4740