Kids Yoga App Series #6: Create & Save Custom Sequences

* This post is the 6th within a kids yoga app series #SSYappSeries… (here are #1#2#3#4 and #5 ).

In my life I absolutely gobble up any tools that allow me to effortlessly customize its components to fully meet MY PeRsoNal NeeDs!! — Especially when I only have to think through the customization once and then save my work for later use.

As a school teacher wanting to squeeze yoga into the school day, this was one of my main focuses when designing the Sing Song Yoga® kids yoga app. For those users who want to either build sequences from scratch or change the preprogrammed sequences to better fit their needs, the SAVE feature is a dream come true!


Whether its “Ms. Zoerhof’s Morning Sequence” for a first grade classroom or Lia’sssy app pic arrows for save “Before Bed Sequence,” the time has come in which we can seamlessly and perfectly align our daily routines with our technology!! Thank you to our brilliant app developers for making this wishful feature a reality!!

saved sequences

This link will review how simply the app works, including creating and changing sequences that you’d like to save.

Please let us know ANY questions or comments you might have on Facebook or Twitter, using #SSYappSeries or #SSYkidQuestions. We look forward to hearing from you!! Happy Yoga!!

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