Kids Yoga App Series – #2. Try it Free

* This post is the 2nd within a series #SSYappSeries… (here’s #1)

When we were designing the Sing Song Yoga® kids’ yoga app, I held a strong focus on these questions:

  • What would I want in an App? And specifically within a Kids’ Yoga app?
  • What would the parents I know want?
  • What would the teachers I know want?

And one main idea I kept coming back to was…  “I want to try it before I buy it!” Here’s a brief video that, in sped-up fashion, shows how the app works, and the app can be found in the app store to try for free.

This video is pretty quick but we just want to give you an idea of some of its features. See Kids Yoga App Debuts in App Store for a slower-paced explanation in written form with pictures and arrows. So give the app a shot with your kids or students and see if it’s a good fit!

Please let us know any questions you might have on Facebook or Twitter, using #SSYappSeries. We look forward to hearing from you!! Happy Yoga!!

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