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30-Minute Pregnancy Yoga Sequence

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I had the honor of writing this guest post for Gold Coast Doulas and wanted to share it here for any pregnant moms who would like to incorporate yoga into their prenatal care…


Pregnancy is an exciting and sometimes intimidating time of a woman’s life.  There is endless information available for newly pregnant woman and it can be overwhelming trying to decide what is best for you.

As a mom of three kids, a yoga instructor and one who did everything in my power to enjoy healthy pregnancies and natural births, I will share a simple yoga sequence ideal for the healthy pregnant mom.

Below are some of the poses I did nearly every day of my pregnancy with twins.  Even though I had already been doing yoga for 10 years, I took it more seriously during these 9 months than I ever had before. I knew that yoga would improve my chances of having a smooth healthy pregnancy and delivery. And with my daily practice I felt better able to adjust to my drastically changing body as well as remain calm and positive in each moment, and about my upcoming delivery. I carried my twins full term and had a natural delivery.

This sequence will run about 30 minutes. If you have any questions please connect with me via our contact page or on facebook.

reclined bound angle

Reclined Bound Angle Pose — Supta Baddha Konasana (5 minutes)

  • Sit with soles of feet together with your knees out to the side just in front of the bolster (or folded blankets) with a blanket for a pillow.
  • For a deeper sense of relaxation, either belt your legs as in the photo or rest your toes against a wall.
  • With the support of your arms and elbows, begin to lean back while lifting your ribs up and place them down on the bolster. Support your head with the extra blanket.
  • Prop your knees with blankets as in picture if they’re off the floor.
  • Shoulders are turned under slightly with palms of your hands facing the ceiling.
  • Begin to let go of tension throughout your body and relax in this lovely supported pose for about five minutes or until you would like to come out.
  • To come out use your hands to support bringing your knees together. Remove belts. Role to your side while allowing your head to gently settle on the floor. Lie on your side for a few moments. Use both arms to push yourself up to seated.

…To continue reading, see the original “9-Pose Pregnancy Yoga Sequence” post at Gold Coast Doulas, where you’ll find a star cast of doulas who can guide and support you in enjoying your dream pregnancy and delivery.

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